Codice (formerly HIT2) is an information technology and business process outsourcing company that delivers solutions to government agencies and corporations. We are a trusted solutions partner to government entities such as the District of Columbia Department of Healthcare Finance and the
District of Columbia Public Schools, as well as to publicly traded healthcare and technology companies such as MAXIMUS and HMS.

Industry and government leaders utilize our unique combination of technical expertise, regulatory knowledge, and operations experience to tackle their business priorities. From IT and operations staffing to fully outsourced projects, We deliver on time, on scope and in budget. Codice is a certified, minority-owned small business and a GSA schedule holder.

Why Leading U.S. Corporations & Government Agencies Trust Codice

Comprehensive Knowledge

We know development, systems architecture, networks and security like many competent IT shops, but also deeply understand regulatory compliance, operations processes, project management and financial structures that provide Codice with the means to anticipate client needs and deliver high value.

Flexible Solutions

A one-size-fits all service rarely meets any company’s IT and operations needs. Codice offers a full range of customizable solutions. From IT and operations resource staffing, to project management and software development, Our solutions precisely fit your resource requirements, timelines and budget; all from a trusted source.

Leadership Team