Codice (formerly HIT2) is an information technology and business process outsourcing company that delivers solutions to government agencies and corporations. We are a trusted solutions partner to government entities such as the District of Columbia Department of Healthcare Finance and the
District of Columbia Public Schools, as well as to publicly traded healthcare and technology companies such as MAXIMUS and HMS.

CelerKost™ is an electronic cost reporting system that simplifies and automates the Medicaid cost reporting process for healthcare providers and Medicaid agencies, increasing process accuracy and efficiency. The CelerKost model can be adopted to the CMS HIGLAS application and its requirement to provide data on operations, maintenance, strategic planning, analytic capabilities, reporting, transparency and general project management activities. Celerkost is cloud-based, secure, and operates in compliance with healthcare IT regulations and standards.

CelerMed™ is a patient-centered financial platform that tracks services, expenses, invoices, payments and other patient information to create a comprehensive financial and services portfolio, enabling better patient analytics. CelerMed™ can be used for Money Follows Person (MFP) case management documentation such as person centered transition plans, treatment plans, discharge reports, MFP enrollment applications, MFP approvals, uniform assessment instrument / level of functioning instrument, risk assessments, informed consent forms, prior authorization forms, satisfaction surveys and other documentation.


CelerYouth is a web application that connects young job seekers with employers. The solution was originally developed for Mayor Marion S. Barry’s Summer Youth Employment Program (MBSYEP), which is a community initiative funded by the District of Columbia’s Department of Employment Services. The program connects youths aged 14 – 24 with constructive summer work experiences through subsidized placements in the private and government sector. CelerYouth provides a user-friendly platform that can be leveraged by community and government entities focused on youth work programs.

CelerCase  is a web-based application that provides a highly configurable case management solution. The application will provide access to a repository of complaints and cases that can be categorized and tracked in order to implement recommendations, corrective actions, etc. The app will allow members of a case management team to input new complaints/cases as well as monitor previously entered complaints along with the associated consultation, intervention, and recommendation summaries.