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Travo.AITM offers a comprehensive digital assistive technology assessment platform designed to simplify the assessment, recommendation, and procurement of assistive technology devices and services for individuals with disabilities. By leveraging AI-powered technology and a user-friendly interface, Travo.AITM enhances the experience for coordinators, multidisciplinary teams, and individuals, ensuring tailored solutions to promote independence and quality of life.

The platform supports a variety of assessments including education, vision, hearing, senior care, physical disability, social and emotional wellness, work and community engagement, health and wellness, and early childhood. Features include a comprehensive assessment process, AI-powered recommendations, order management, approvals and expense management, in-person training, multidisciplinary team collaboration, monitoring and feedback collection, and a secure, compliant platform.



CelerKost™ is an electronic cost reporting system that automates the Medicaid cost reporting process for healthcare providers and state agencies. The system enables agencies to better manage costs, and easily generate required reports. CelerKost™ is cloud-based, secure, and operates in compliance with all healthcare IT regulations and standards.

Blank laptop screen mockup illustration
Blank laptop screen mockup illustration



CodicePay™ is an electronic payment tracker and analytics solution. Using statistical analysis tools, this application reduces fraud by transparently tracking payment trends. CodicePay™ is a state-of-the-art analytic system rendered in sleek and simple graphics on any device.



SummerJobs™ is a consolidated Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) Management system. Developed by IT and finance subject matter experts and built using the latest technologies and state-of-the-art fluid designs, SummerJobs™ is a one-stop-solution for the entire SYEP program. SummerJobs™ uses technological advancements and adds new standards as they arise. Streamlining SYEP with the SummerJobsTM program, benefits all users like youth, hosts, and the agencies, and helps them all do their roles more efficiently.

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Blank laptop screen mockup illustration


CelerMed™ is a patient-centered financial platform that tracks services, expenses, invoices, payments, and other patient information creating a comprehensive analytic tool. CelerMed™ can also be used for Money Follows Person (MFP) case management documentation such as person-centered transition plans, treatment plans, discharge reports, MFP enrollment applications, MFP approvals, uniform assessment instrument/level of functioning instrument, risk assessments, informed consent forms, prior authorization forms, satisfaction surveys, and other documentation.



CelerCase™ is a web-based application that provides a highly configurable case management solution. CelerCase™ contains a repository of easily categorized complaints and cases.  A case management team can input new complaints or cases, implement corrections and recommendations, and can follow the trajectory of associated actions.

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