CODICE’s service model is to ensure
100% customer satisfaction

We’re passionate about helping our customers bring their vision to life. CODICE nurtures client efficiency not only through the custom products we build and services we provide for their organizations but with the automation opportunities we identify through expert business analysis.

CODICE Provides Wide Spectra of Services Like..

Cloud Hosting

CODICE provides expert cloud hosting services on leading cloud technologies like AWS, Azure, Salesforce, ServiceNOW for increased stability, compliance, and agility.

Solutions Development

CODICE’s development principles are consistent with leading technology organizations - ISO, Infosec, ISACA, and PMI- that deliver high-quality cutting-edge technology solutions in a cost-effective and efficient manner across a wide array of use cases. We also specialize in API development and maintenance. Our custom software application development capabilities range from tweaking interconnections between commercial-off-the-shelf software packages to building full-blown custom packages and solutions.

IT Consulting

Our IT consulting starts with a comprehensive analysis of the operating environment and system architecture. We then apply software development best practices, employing reusable open-source frameworks wherever possible to ensure cost-effective solutions for our clients. We leverage repeatable processes based on extensive experience in managing and controlling project risks to deliver on-time solutions.

IT Contracting

CODICE has successfully provided staffing services to both public and private organizations including project managers, product owners, CIOs, solution architects, call-center representatives, helpdesk associates, and cyber security experts.

Project Management

CODICE applies PMI standards to deliver expert project management services to our clients. We have successfully completed over 120 projects.

Change Management

CODICE applies the following standards issued by CMMI, ISACA, PMI, ISO. This gives us the tools to successfully integrate change into a system.

Solution customization and configuration

CODICE has successfully completed many projects customizing and configuring Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) products. We also specialize in performing system interfaces and system integrations.


CODICE provides expert operational support for claims operations, Medicaid provider management, enrollment and TPL services, data entry, call center and helpdesk assistance, and policy and procedure formulations.

Application Maintenance

Maintenance is a key factor in keeping applications resilient, increasing their performance, and sustaining them in the long term. CODICE fixes defects and bugs, executes data migrations, and performs system upgrades.

Disaster recovery and Business Continuity

From designing policies and procedures to aiding in disaster recovery and business continuity, and to providing support, training, and resources, CODICE helps you become more resilient and able to respond to changing market conditions.

Information Security

CODICE employs ISACA and Infosec security standards to perform vulnerability assessments, risk identification and treatment, security framework development, training, policy and procedure formulation. Also, CODICE has resources that are CISA, CISM, CISSP, CRISC, CIA certified that have been instrumental in ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability tirade.

Quality management

CODICE’s quality-centric approach focuses on creating a quality continuum that is responsible for continuous improvement by the deployment of principles and standards like ISO, and CMMI.

Database Management

CODICE can help in setting up database servers, and relational database management systems like SQL Server, disaster recovery, database maintenance, security, patching, and upgrades. Our certified data experts also provide services like Data analysis, reporting, and Data modeling.


CODICE provides learning management systems for training in IT applications, finance, and healthcare. With web-based on-demand training, CODICE can help train and retrain your resources to cope with post-COVID-19 challenges in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Facility Selection and Development

CODICE has engaged with brokers in the region to assist in identifying and short-listing premises to meet your commercial space requirements. We will assist with space and infrastructure such as planning, design, workplace, construction, lease, occupancy, maintenance, and furniture for permanent space and transitional/swing space.

Facility Management and IT Infrastructure

Experience with buildout requirements to include configuration of office, call center, secure document handling/mail centers, meeting/conference/training rooms and technology infrastructure to include call center telephonic equipment, internet access, security systems and private networking/server rooms, data centers required to ensure that both the transitional space and final operation space meet your technical requirements.

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