An Ecosystem Developed
with Years of Practice, Technology, Innovation, and Quality

These qualities build resilience and promote the development of cutting-edge and effective technology solutions.


For nearly a decade, Codice has been a key resource and trusted partner of government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. We serve our clients in project development/management and in healthcare, IT and financial services operations.


With specialized knowledge and a deep understanding of Medicaid and Medicare regulations, claims operations, revenue cycles, payment methodologies, and IT compliance, Codice offers healthcare payers, beneficiaries, and government agencies expert solutions that they can believe in.

Financial Domain

Codice has subject matter leaders in healthcare payments, industry cost reporting, and unemployment tax and benefits systems. Our extensive pool of finance experts is versed in compliance, cost reports, accounting, and value-based payment services.

Customer Service and Help Desk

Codice has expert managers, support staff, QA analysts, and developers who can direct your operations efficiently and effectively and who can deploy IVR AWS Cloud systems with a full range of technology capabilities and security. “Our experts in IVR technology will enable Exceptional Customer Experiences and Empower Business Users with Cloud IVR”.

Hybrid Solutions

Codice’s IT, finance, and healthcare experts can leverage their expertise in other industries- regulatory, business intelligence, telecommunications, consulting, education, entertainment, transportation, and energy to create robust hybrid solutions.

Hybrid Solutions


Codice’s experts can build strong digital marketplaces to connect buyers and customers via a safe and secure platform. This platform allows our clients to collect transaction fees to help drive revenue generation.


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